To color your hair or not?

Ok so you're getting grey hairs popping up everywhere, what to do? There are many possibilities to deal with grey hairs if you choose to. Let's begin with , why does grey hair look good on some people but bad on others. Grey is considered a cool color or a neutral color therefore it is going to look better on people with cool complexions. As long as it's kept in a current style that is suitable for you, you'll look beautiful. That being said it still comes with the astigmatism that it's aging. That's because it is, there's no way around that. But if your not ready to embrace it , these are some things to consider.

If you just have a few grey hairs you might be a perfect candidate to do a semi-permanent color. Semi- Permanent color is a great place to start. It will last 6-8 weeks depending how often you shampoo your hair. Semi-permanent color will not lift or lighten your color. It's only going to deposit color, it will blend your greys in to the rest of the hair and disguise them. It will make your hair look shiny and the color will appear richer. It's great because it's non-committal, if you don't want to do it again it will just wear off and you won't have to re-color or grow it out.

You might decide that you have too much grey and you want to be lighter. Then maybe single process color is right for you. It's just as it sounds one color over all your hair. Because your hair is different colors it will show differently on different strands. Most permanent hair colors today are translucent and very shiny and if your coloring at a salon with professional color, then most likely very conditioning as well. When picking out a color try and stay with in 2 or 3 shades of your natural color. The further you stray from your natural shade the harder it is to keep up the maintenance.

Another option would be highlighting , usually more expensive and takes longer. Highlighting will give you a subtle blending of grey hair. Camouflaging those greys will blend them into your hair and depending on how much highlighting is done even covering. Depending on the application it can be subtle or natural to very bold and streaky and anything in between.

So these are just some possibilities and we haven't even begun to talk about color selection that's for another day .