How do I choose a shampoo and conditioner?

When it comes to hair products no they are not all created equally. But more importantly, are you using the right product for your hair? Just because you have a lot of hair doesn't mean you have thick or coarse hair. You might just have a lot of thin hair that makes it seem thick and course. With so many products out on the market, how are you supposed to determine which ones are the best for you? First you need to establish the texture of your hair is it fine, medium or coarse? The texture being the diameter of the hair shaft itself. Then you need to determine if you have thick hair or thin hair meaning how much hair is on your head. Then you have to ask yourself, what do I want to achieve with this product?. If its shampoo you're looking for, these are two important things to ponder.

Does your hair dry quickly? Or Does it take your hair forever to dry?

If it's drying quickly, then you need a shampoo and conditioner with moisture. If it is taking forever for your hair to dry it's over moisturized and you need balance it out with protein, the protein will expel some of the moisture. So what does all this mean? You need to think what type of hair do I have and what does my hair need. With that knowledge in mind, you can determine which products will be best for you. Using this simple test of what your hair needs will then help you determine what are the best products for your hair.

With this knowledge you can go shopping for the best product for your hair. After you look at all your choices and you decide on the one you like the best . I suggest you take it home and use it for a week or so give it a chance. Save a little of the product your replacing and after a week use your old shampoo. Then stop using it and see how your hair reacts. This will help you determine if its a good product for you to use.