April 6, 2020

To my valued customers of Studio Napoli, 

Due to the "shelter in place" order for the City of St. Louis.
I have decided that it is best to close until it's safe to reopen.
I am still in good health, and I hope you are all also.  I hope that we all remain that way. I am...

January 13, 2017

Ok so you're getting grey hairs popping up everywhere,  what to do?  There are many possibilities to deal with grey hairs if you choose to. Let's begin with , why does grey hair look good on some people but bad on others.  Grey is considered a cool color or a neutral c...

July 24, 2016

When it comes to hair products no they are not all created equally.  But more importantly, are you using the right product for your hair?   Just because you have a lot of hair doesn't mean you have thick or coarse hair.  You might just have a lot of thin hair that make...

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